Health Care Reform

Everyone is talking about reforming health care. . .but what exactly does that mean? What is to be reformed, and how shall we go about it?

Recently, Dr. Levenson gave a presentation on the topic of health care reform at the annual meeting of the Association of Health Facilities Surveyors in Nashville, Tennessee.

The presentation focused on things that are not commonly considered in the debate on reform; especially, identifying the biological and the care process foundations for genuine reform. That means we must rediscover the basics and emphasize that all reform efforts must respect certain underlying principles. Reform efforts that are incompatible with those concepts will inhibit, not promote genuine reform.

Principles For Health Care Reform

If you are interested in PowerPoint slides on the topic, you may click on this link  to download his presentation, including detailed speaker notes, entitled "Improving and Reforming Health Care: Rediscovering the Basics."

Click on this link for a companion document to the PowerPoint presentation described above, summarizing the essential concepts that are needed for effective health care reform.